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Blessing Foods ministry. Inc.

"He fills the hungry soul with goodness" Psalm 107:9


Blessing Foods Ministry Inc, is a service commissioned by God

to serve Spokane communities with spiritual and physical food,

by demonstrating the love of God through our hands and feet;

bringing salvation so people will cry out and proclaim:

"He is our praise, and He is our God, who has done for us these

great and awesome things which our eyes have seen."

~Deuteronomy 10:21


 Recent News! 

March 23, 2011

Blessing Foods Ministry, Inc. servant Lisa Bickham was interviewed by local news station - KXLY. Please click on link to see news cast of this interview:


***Attention Volunteers and Generous Contributors***

"Thank you" to everyone who has donated their time volunteering and/or donated financially;

as well as "Special Thank You" to the companies, supermarkets and grocery stores who have generously provided literally tons of food to this growing ministry over the past year. May the Lord bless you as you have been a blessing to us and to all those who receive food through this ministry!


Recent Pictures

God is so good! He has been abundantly delivering so much food to this ministry that we are busy serving Him and doing His work everyday either by picking up food, organizing food, distributing food or a combination of them all from one day to the next. All the while so many people are being blessed and seeing the power, favor and faithfulness of God.


Lisa Bickham attends church at :

Ready 2 Serve Ministries

1002 E. Montgomery

Spokane, WA


(across from Logan Elementary)



Oscar Harris



Events & Happenings

* Please check back soon for our updated calender and list of events. Thank you.*

Has God placed it on your heart to be involved in

his ministry?

Are you interested in volunteering or donating in some way to Blessing Foods Ministry, Inc.?

If so,then please go to the'Contact Us'

page and send us an email

or give us a call.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you,

~Blessing Foods Ministry Team


Praise Report:

Blessing Foods Ministry

was showcased in the

March 2010 Newsletter of

The City Gate.

To read full article go to:


Our Deepest Thanks!

"Thank you" to all who have supported

this ministry through generous giving,

donations, financial support, volunteering

and prayer. Blessing Foods Ministry is

a direct extension and God ordained

ministry serving those who hunger for

not just physical but spiritual nourishment.

All your help has made it even more

possible for Blessing Foods to grow.

Let's not forget that your service in this

ministry will bless and encourage many!

God sees what you are doing and knows

that you give of your time without pause

to support this growing ministry.


Blessing Foods Ministry  


Blessing Foods Ministry, Inc. is a non-profit

organization ordained solely by Jehovah

Our Heavenly Father and His Angelic Hosts (Hebrews 1:14). All donations and volunteer service

play a pivotal and vital role in the operations

of this ministry. We are currently in need of additional volunteers, donations and the following:

Prayer Requests:

~Battle Prayer & Direction

~Discernment & Wisdom

~Courage & Confidence to carry out Jehovah's instructions (Proverbs 14:26)

~More Food Donations


~Financial Donations

~ Grants/Contributions

Immediate Needs:

~Gas Funds

~Financial Donations/Contributions

~Signs for the Truck




Blessing Food's has helped me in many ways.

I just moved into a new place and had no money

for food and Blessing Food's filled my cupboards.

I was so thankful and blessed for them.I was

afraid I wouldn't eat but they changed that and

I love them all.God bless you guys,

keep on goin spread that word!!!


~Dayna D.

Last week I helped blessing foods pick up food.

I am a high school student at Central Vally High School

and I enjoyed working with Lisa Bickham.

She told me how she started this program and her

success in creating Blessing Foods. I loved working

with her so much I will help her for

the next 3 years while I am in high school.


~Jordan Watson

What a wonderful surprise for our children and families! Thank you for your delivery of bread and yogurt today. You are truly doing God's work here in Spokane. The children, families, and staff of Liberty Park Child Development Center thank you!


~Kristi Yeomans (Executive Director)

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Beauty of the Lord

"Beauty of the Lord"Words and Music by Jared Anderson© 2004 Vertical Worship Songs (Admin. by Integrity Music, Inc.)CD: Arise: A Celebration of Worship.© 2006 Integrity Media Inc.

Beauty of the Lord

"Beauty of the Lord"Words and Music by Jared Anderson© 2004 Vertical Worship Songs (Admin. by Integrity Music, Inc.)CD: Arise: A Celebration of Worship.© 2006 Integrity Media Inc.